Fighting Style: Assassination

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  • Stealth Rank 3
  • Rank 1-5, 1 CC point per Rank or 3 GXP x Rank


Rank 1 Sap Your character may attempt to incapacitate a flat-footed enemy by striking them with a non-lethal blow. Add +50% (round down) dice to your attack before removing the target's armor value from your pool. As the target is flat-footed, dodge bonuses are ignored, however martial weapons count as 1 dice non-lethal weapons for this attack and may not utilize any Armor Piercing bonuses. Instead of applying damage, this effect requires a number of successes equal to the target’s Constitution + current Vigor. If successful, the target is incapacitated for 10 minutes; if unsuccessful, they take 1 point of non-lethal damage.
Rank 2 Sneak Attack When attacking a flat-footed enemy with a small or medium weapon, gain +50% (round down) dice to your attack pool. As the target is flat-footed, dodge bonuses are ignored. Small weapons such as daggers gain an additional +1 Armor Piercing on this attack. This maneuver may not be combined with maneuvers from other Fighting Styles.
Rank 3 Find Weakness Gain +1 Armor Piercing when using small or medium weapons. Sap attacks now benefit from Armor Piercing.
Rank 4 Ambush Roll 9-again on sneak attacks with small or medium melee weapons. Additionally, your character may now perform Sneak Attacks with Ranged Physical Attacks (ex. bows, crossbows, Telekinetic Throw). To perform a ranged sneak attack, you must first study the target (Full Round action) for 3 rounds.
Rank 5 Arcane Piercing Assassination attacks with a magical weapon penetrate Rank magic armor.