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  • Channelling, Shamanism, Magecraft, or Sorcery Source at Rank 3 or higher
  • Rank 3 Only, 18 GXP


The caster learns how to craft permanent magical items. Creating items is time-consuming and costly, and should not be conducted without careful thought. The process of crafting items requires a ritual that takes 1 day per Rank of the spell being invested. The ritual does not need to be uninterrupted but requires approximately 10 hours per day. This ritual requires a high-quality item to imbue such as a weapon, suit of armor, wand, or jewelry. The costs will vary by region, but the imbue requires the item to be well-made.

Each crafted item requires a permanent investment of the caster's energies represented by a permanent loss of Maximum Mana:

  • The amount of mana invested into the item is defined by the mana cost of the power imbued. This value is additive, so a spell with multiple powers invested would cost more permanent Maximum Mana from the caster.
  • All spells are imbued at the rank (and dice) of the caster.
  • Spells which would have no mana cost (such as Rank 1 spells) cost 0 Maximum Mana for 1 use per day, 1 mana for 3 usages per day, and 2 mana for at-will use.
  • Spells that directly enhance the item (e.g. Enhance Item, Enchant Weapon, or Ritual Weapons) may be made permanent instead of activated by adding 2 mana to the cost of the spell.
  • The caster may choose to add additional points of mana to the item (to be spent by the imbued powers) at a 1:1 ratio.

Finally, in addition to the cost of the spell, 1 point of Maximum Mana is taken for each spell imbued, +1 point for each additional Source used.

A caster with this benefit may imbue powers which they do not personally possess, including Adept abilities by including someone who has access to the power in the ritual. In this case the cast roll is determined by the participant providing the power. The total Maximum Mana cost is split between the total ritual participants; with the greater rounded amount going to the caster.


Quivetzl the Mage is looking to make a magical weapon for a wealthy nobleman. He has Rank 3 in Fire Sphere and settles on a simple permanent imbue of Enchant Weapon, which adds a +2 Enhancement bonus to the weapon, and adds Burning effect to its attacks. Because he wants the effect to be permanent; the base Maximum Mana cost is the 1 Mana spell, +2 for permanent use, or 3 Mana.

Since he is going with a fire sword, Quivetzl decides to add Create Fire to the sword as well. This is a Rank 1 spell with no mana cost, so Quiv could add the spell once per day for free but decides to make it an at-will effect for 2 Mana.

Finally, the weapon has two total spells imbued in it, which adds 2 Mana to the cost total. Because Quiv is investing 3 ranks worth of spells, the ritual will take 3 days to complete, and cost Quiv 7 of his Maximum Mana.

At the end of the ritual, he has a Flaming Longsword +2 which can use Create Fire at will.