Command Undead

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Required Death Domain: Exorcism 2
Range 10 yards x Rank
Area 1 Undead Outsider/Ghost Spirit/Lichborne, OR 1 Revenant x Rank
Duration Special
Casting Verbal, Somatic
Cast Action Standard
Mana Cost 1
Effect The caster invokes their authority over the dead causing a variety of effects on a successful opposed Magic Resistance roll. Targets who successfully resist are immune to this spell from this caster for 1 Hour.
2+ Ranks Lower than Caster Controlled as per Dominate for 1 Hour or destroyed utterly. Ghosts destroyed in this fashion are returned to the Spirit Realm for 24 hours.
1 Rank Lower than Caster Forced to flee as if Panicked or held as per Hold Person for Rank rounds.
Equal Rank to the Caster Suffer penalties to skill rolls and dodge as if Frightened for Rank rounds.
1+ Ranks Higher than Caster Suffer penalties to skill rolls as if Shaken for Rank rounds.