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Because Brilliance & Shadow has no explicit character levels, it can sometimes be hard to gauge where new or replacement players should start. By giving suggested campaign rank for ranges of GXP it can make it easier to decide what ranges of general experience are broadly suitable to play together.

Unless otherwise explicitly permitted by the Storyteller:

  • If a character is joining a game with a new or replacement player, such as after a retirement or character death, they begin with the GXP Minimum for the game’s Campaign Rank.
  • Games will almost always consist of characters in the same tier.
Campaign Rank GXP Minimum Description Example Game
Rank 1 0 Starting characters dealing with mostly local encounters. Legacy of War
Rank 2 25 Characters have reached keystone powers such as their first Rank 3 in a discipline. Guides of Rinthiki
Rank 3 60 Characters have obtained either multiple Rank 3 disciplines or their first Rank 4 power. Siege of Kynori
Rank 4 110 Characters have just achieved their first mastery of a discipline. The Wanderers
Rank 5 250 Characters have become masters of several disciplines. Dimensions of Eternity
Rank 6 450 Characters with world changing powers, numerous masteries, and Ascendants. Mercenary Kingdoms