Fate Domain

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Domain Power: Imminent Fate - Perception rolls gain a +1/+2/+3 Fate bonus and 9-again.

Seer of Fate
Rank Power Description
1 Sense Fated When encountering a Fated or Ascendant the channeller is aware of the nature of the target and the general power. Targets may attempt to conceal their power level which would be an opposed roll vs. their Resistance.
2 Fated Proximity Passive: Gain a +2 to Initiative if within Rank x 10 yards of another Fated.
Active: Once per day, improve your place in the initiative order to that of another Fated within Rank x 10 yards.
3 Precognition Active: The player can query the StoryTeller to determine if unknown information not available to the character would make an action result in Positive, Neutral, or Negative consequences.
4 Predictive Reaction Active: Reactively Gain a Fate bonus to defense equal to rank for 1 round. Applies against all physical attacks and spells magical defense would affect. Does not apply to spells requiring a resistance roll.
5 Destined to Live Active: Once per day, if incoming damage would reduce you to negative health, the damage from that specific attack does not occur. May be activated as a reactive free action. Costs 1 Story Point.
Master of Fate
Rank Power Description
1 Fate's Aura Up to Rank non-Fated within Rank x 10 yards gain a Fate bonus to all rolls. The player may choose which non-Fated receive the bonus, and may cancel the aura.
2 Fate's Whisper Brush the threads of Fate with your fingers to prompt someone to make a different choice. The choice must be one that the target might reasonably choose to take and must be approved by the StoryTeller. The StoryTeller may optionally choose to provide a fixed list of possible choices for you to pick from. This functions as if it is a Diplomacy roll using the spell roll instead, however this is not an actual diplomacy attempt and may not contain reasoning or debate. This may not be used against any target engaged in combat.
3 Fate's Decision Make the target's last decision Fateful for them. Within 1 round of a target's decision, bind that decision by Fate for Rank days, as if under the Rank 5 Sorcerer Seed: Compel - Geas. The decision becomes so powerful to them that they automatically succeed on any Diplomacy roll to convince them to the contrary.
(Although this may include decisions made due to Fate's Whisper, the caster cannot impose a hostile decision on them.)
4 Fate's Path Once per encounter, reactively change Rank targets' movement actions to arrive at a different destination point. Must succeed on a spell roll opposed by Mental Defense, and targets must all be traveling the same direction and end in the same place. The total distance moved must remain the same, and the new movement action choice must be a choice that the target could have reasonably chosen to make instead (as decided by the Storyteller). The Storyteller may choose to provide a fixed list of possible movement actions to pick from. The target still retains any additional actions, as decided by the Storyteller, from their new location.

This ability may be activated after the target's movement action and before or after the target's standard action, but must be used before anyone else takes an action. If the action is completed and initiative moves on, what has happened has already been woven into the weave of Fate and may not be changed.

5 Fate's Call Call upon Fate to draw a target non-Fated towards Fate. Each day that Fate's Call is used on the non-Fated, the non-Fated moves a step closed to being Fated. If the non-Fated stops receiving Fate's Call prior to being full Fated, they lose all benefits and the process must begin again.
  • Day 1: Gain access to skills with 10 CC points, Gain 1 CC Benefit Point
  • Day 2: Gain one Source with one Discipline at Rank 1
  • Day 3: Gain 10 CC points for Skills, Gain 1 more CC Benefit Point
  • Day 4: Gain Rank 2 in the previously selected Arcanum
  • Day 5: Gain full Fated, access to Primary Statistics and Derived Statistics.

(may need extension/tweaking, can't progress too slowly? or too quickly?)

Weaver of Fate
Rank Power Description
1 Threads of Fate Achieving a critical success on any rolled action grants a Thread of Fate, which may be consumed to fuel abilities in this Line. A maximum of 1 Thread of Fate may be held at any time. Each unspent Thread of Fate expires 24 hours after being gained.

Reactively consume a Thread of Fate to negate the additional ill effects of a critical failure. This does not negate the failure, it just makes a critical failure into a normal failure. This may be used on another Fated's critical failure within range.

2 Shielded Thread Reactively Consume a Thread of Fate to gain a +Rank Fate bonus against Slay effects.
3 Thread Shift You may now carry a maximum of 2 Threads of Fate. Additionally:

Reactively consume a Thread of Fate to ignore the first Rank of Dodge Reduction in an incoming attack. This effect persists for Rank rounds.

4 Bend Thread You now also gain a Thread of Fate when a Fated within Rank x 10 yards uses a Story Point. Additionally:

Reactively consume a Thread of Fate to (...)

5 Destined to Die Attempt to cut the strand of fate connected to a target. The next time the target suffers damage, the channeler automatically rolls a casting roll as per Slay Touch. You must have at least 1 Thread of Fate to use this power. The roll gains a +1 Fate bonus for each Thread of Fate you currently hold, but also consumes 1 Thread of Fate upon use. The consumed thread does count toward the Fate bonus prior to being consumed.

Additionally: You may now carry a maximum of 3 Threads of Fate.