Medicine Skill

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On a successful skill check, the Medicine Skill enables players to assess the health of a target as a Standard Action. They may use this skill in attempts to render aid such as staunch an ally's Bleeding wounds or to increase allies' capacity for healing naturally from lethal wounds, etc.

This skill may also be utilized to analyze the anatomy of organic creatures in an attempt to determine physical characteristics such as: age, race/species, cause of death, presence of poison, etc. The greater the number of successes, the greater the volume and value of the information that is gleaned from such an attempt.

Stopping Bleeds

Bleed effects may be halted by a successful Medicine check with a number of successes equal to the number of dice assigned for the next damage tick.

If a target is Bleeding Out, a successful Medicine check will stabilize them.

If a target is Bleeding Out and also under the influence of a Bleed effect, an attempt to stop the Bleed may also stabilize the target and prevent them from Bleeding Out at the Storyteller's discretion.

Natural Healing

Before a target initiates a Long Rest, the player may attempt a Medicine Check. If successful, the target will naturally heal 2 Health Points overnight rather than the 1 Health Point standard.