Time Domain

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Domain Power: Kronostaff

As a visible sign of their ability, the channeler is granted an intricate and magical staff embodying Kronos’ mastery of time. The Kronostaff is a permanent magical construct bound to the channeler; its appearance is generally unique to its channeler, however these differences are only cosmetic - it is a construct of magic, and not "made" of any particular material that may provide additional bonuses. Its divine power may not benefit anyone else, and the staff disappears upon the channeler's death. Should it become lost or destroyed, it may be resummoned by performing a 10 minute ritual.

Counterattack: Each encounter begins with a pool of Rank charges, providing the channeler with +1 Parry for each available charge. This bonus is in addition to any Parry gained from Fighting Style: Staves. The charges may be spent to counter incoming physical attacks (melee or ranged) as a Reactive Action.

When attempting to counter an attack in this way, make an opposed attack roll vs the attacker's unmodified attack roll. Your attack roll gains a bonus equal to the amount of Parry you have. If your opposed roll is greater than the attack roll, you counter the attack preventing it from dealing damage. Attacks deflected in this way do not hit any Wards, reactive armors, or other defenses. On a successful Counter of a melee attack, immediately deal Non-Lethal Damage equal to the difference between the Counterattack roll and the attack.

A Kronomancer who delves into the Order Domain may use the Lawgiver's blessing to enhance their Kronostaff.

Warden of Time
Rank Power Description
1 Temporal Charge Gain movement speed from successful melee attacks.
2 Temporal Chains Slow a target by reducing their speed and initiative.
3 Distortion Field Field of temporal energy stuns targets who fail to move or wards the caster.
4 Delay Spell Store a spell within the Kronostaff to be cast at a later time.
5 Rewind The caster reactively returns to their state moments ago.

Watcher of Time
Rank Power Description
1 Kronometry Gain divine insight into an item and its history.
2 Moment of Clarity Peer into a living target's timeline to gain information about them.
3 Kronosight Mentally travel backward in time to view events that have occurred nearby.
4 Clairvoyance Caster looks forward in time to suggest optimal actions in battle.
5 Temporal Anomaly Creates a portal into an alternate timeline for 24 hours.

Shaper of Time
Rank Power Description
1 Time Warp Twist time, allowing a friendly target an additional move action.
2 Accelerate Grant a friendly target a bonus to speed and initiative.
3 Pause Slow time to a crawl, inhibiting a target's movement and leaving them flat-footed.
4 Rapid Aging Speed the passage of time on a single target, causing their body to wither and decay.
5 Time Stop The channeler halts time around himself and is able to act freely for a short time.