Death Domain

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Domain Power: Soul Departure: The passing of nearby mortal souls invigorates you, granting a Soul Charge (up to three maximum) until the following midnight at which time all unspent charges are lost. Creatures without souls (e.g. animals, constructs, or undead) do not grant Soul Charges. A Soul Charge may be expended as a Fast Action to either gain 1 Health or 2 Mana. If a Soul Charge is activated within a Hallow, the caster gains both of the benefits per expended charge. Caster may sense the location of Hallows within 10 yards x Rank.

Soul Reaper
Rank Power Description
1 Reaper's Mark Completing a ritual enchants a physical weapon into a Soul Reaper.
2 Soul Infusion Infuses the casters Soul Reaper or an ally with a Soul Charge.
3 Soul Strike The caster’s Soul Reaper becomes charged with energy from the Realm of the Dead, healing the channeler when they deal damage.
4 Deathly Chill While possessing Soul Charges, project an aura of deathly chill, slowing and dealing non-lethal damage to targets in range.
5 Slaying Strike Consumes Soul Charges to imbue the caster's Soul Reaper with death magic.
Rank Power Description
1 Soul Shroud Caster is hidden from the Sense Life spell and similar effects.
2 Command Undead Caster invokes their authority over the dead causing a variety of powerful effects.
3 Sepulchral Orb Caster throws a spectral skull at a target causing damage and fear. Deals extra damage to undead.
4 Peace of the Grave Caster blesses a large area inhibiting undead, and protecting allies against Slay magic.
5 Soulfire Consumes Soul Charges to conjure a deadly spectral flame.
Rank Power Description
1 Last Rites Ritual to aid the spirit of a deceased in reaching their final destination or ensures a corpse can never be raised as an undead.
2 Speak with Dead Communicate with deceased mortal spirits even if they have gone to the Realm of the Dead.
3 Spiritual Tutor A 10-minute ritual allows a deceased mortal spirit to impart expert knowledge in a chosen skill.
4 Memories of the Fallen Caster can recall extensive details about a fallen mortal.
5 Final Service Consumes Soul Charges to return a soul into a corpse prepared by Last Rites.