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Channeling is focused on drawing magic from a powerful patron and using it to either directly empower the caster through incantations or transform the caster into a tool of the patron. Channeling is both the most restrictive and most open of the casting arts as the powers achieved by Channeling are dependent on the domains available from the selected patron. A Channeler might be a benevolent healer with little combat magic to speak of, or might be a beacon of flame and death. It is a rare patron however that offers a wide variety of incantations so most Channelers find themselves quite powerful in a particular sphere of influence.

Channeling Powers

In order to select the Channeling Source, a player must be granted power from a specific Patron. This is usually one of the Blessed or Unblessed Gods, however it could also be a significant planar power that has the ability to access Domains and grant power from those Domains. The Storyteller has final rule on if a non-cannon Patron is approved or not. A player can only follow one Patron at a time in this manner, and changing Patrons is a significant story event requiring Storyteller approval and planning.

When selecting the Channeling Source, players select a Patron and gain access to one of that patron's Domains. Each Domain has three powersets, or Domain Lines, to choose from. The channeler immediately gains the Domain Power, as well as the Rank 1 and Rank 2 powers of her chosen Domain Line. Further Ranks in the chosen Domain may be purchased at the cost of 5 GXP experience per rank or, if the channeler chooses, she may unlock Ranks in her god's other associated Domains at the same cost. When unlocking further ranks within a known Domain, the Channeler automatically raises her highest ranked Domain Line by 1 to reach the new Domain rank. If two Domain Lines are equal in rank, the channeler may choose which one to elevate. Players may purchase additional Domain Line powers in the established order of each Line (e.g. the channeler must unlock the Rank 1 power before unlocking Rank 2) at the cost of 2 experience per rank, however no Line may be increased higher than the Domain rank.

Channeling Casting Roll

(Channeling Skill + Casting Stat: Intelligence + Highest Domain Rank)


Patron List
Patron Title Home Domain Additional Domains
Alkaizer God of Light Light Avatar, Order, Healing
Irrilandrilla Goddess of Desire Desire Avatar, Chaos, Dreams
Kao God of Chaos Chaos Fear, War, Strength
Septimus God of Valor Valor War, Strength, Healing
Kravnos God of Earth Earth Avatar, Strength, Magic
Thalu God of Fire Fire Wrath, Order, Magic
Kronos God of Time Time Fate, Magic, Order
Su-Lan Goddess of Death Death Shadow, Fate, Dreams
Khitar & Nimway Goddesses of Air and Water Storms Magic, Healing, Wrath
Thysis Goddess of Luck Luck Shadow, Dreams, Magic
The Deadlords Dark Stygian Gods Undeath Corruption, Shadow, Fear


Throughout the Planes, either in the Wild or on occasion in the concentrated regions of named Planes, there are Nexus called Domains. Each Domain is a source of power for those who can harness it, as the Patrons do. Channelers are then able to access a fractional part of this power from their Patron. Each Domain encompasses a sphere of influence over a particular aspect of the universe. This may be physical, magical, emotional, or even an idea. Within each domain three different Lines are available. Each Line is a small collection of powers that are highly focused on an aspect or purpose of the domain. These powers may be similar to other power sources, such as magecraft spells, sorcery seeds, adept disciplines, or shamanism spirits, however they remain strictly focused to both the Domain’s concept and the Line’s intent.

Domain List
Domain Patrons Description Lines Missing Lines Missing Powers Needs Revision Playtested
Avatar Alkaizer, Irrilandrilla, Kravnos Transform into a manifestation of your patron's power Avatar Form 0 0 No No
Chaos Irrilandrilla, Kao Demonic knowledge and random chance Dark Knowledge, Chaotic Twisting, Chaotic Emanations 0 2 Yes Yes
Corruption The Deadlords ? Transformation, Pestilence, Scourge 0 0 No No
Death Su-Lan Domain over deceased sentient souls Soul Reaper, Exorcism, Soulkeeper 0 0 No No
Desire Irrilandrilla Domain over vices Gratification, Lure, Sacrament 1 6 Yes No
Dreams Su-Lan, Thysis, Irrilandrilla Domain over the dreams and edges of reality Waking Dreams, Dream Walker, Nightmares 0 0 No Yes
Earth Kravnos Elemental Conjuring, ???, ??? 2 11 Yes No
Fate Kronos, Su-Lan Observe or manipulate the weave of Fate Seer of Fate, Master of Fate, Weaver of Fate 0 0 No Yes
Fear Kao Terrorizing Influence, Fearful Presence, Master of Fear 0 0 No Yes
Fire Thalu Fire Lord, Fiery Avenger, Harbinger of Flame 0 0 No No
Healing Alkaizer, Septimus, Khitar, Nimway Healer's Focus, Healer's Aura, Healer's Calling 0 0 Yes Yes
Light Alkaizer Radiant Evocation, Light Constructs, Light Mastery 0 0 No No
Luck Thysis Fortune, Jinx, Chance 0 0 No Yes
Magic Kravnos, Kronos, Khitar, Nimway, Thysis Steward of Magic, Adept of Magic, Wielder 0 0 No Yes
Order Alkaizer, Thalu, Kronos Inquisition, Justice, Judgement 0 0 No No
Shadow The Deadlords, Su-Lan, Thysis Shadow Master, Shadow Assassin, Living Shadow 0 0 No Yes
Storms Khitar, Nimway Power of the Storm, Stormcaller, Storm Lord 0 0 No Yes
Strength Kao, Septimus, Kravnos Juggernaut, Bastion Fist, Indomitable Will 0 2 Yes Yes
Time Kronos Warden of Time, Watcher of Time, Shaper of Time 0 0 No No
Undeath The Deadlords Corruption, Shadow, Fear 0 1 No No
Valor Septimus Glorious Leadership, Shield of the Innocent, Knight of Valor 0 3 No No
War Kao, Septimus Evoker, Divine Warrior, Warlord 0 0 No Yes
Wrath Thalu, Khitar, Nimway Rage, Vengeance, Vehemence 0 1 Yes No