Bear Discipline

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Brutes, toughs, heavies, thugs: Adepts of the Bear would laugh at their opponents' puny attacks if they weren't so busy destroying them. The Discipline of the Bear offers training in Charging, Strength, Toughness, and Sundering. Adepts of the Bear may choose prowess in Might, Toughness, and Resistance.

Rank 1

Improved Charge Gain an attack bonus when Charging.
Mighty Lift Lift, move, push, pull, and throw heavy loads.
Tough Hide Ignore glancing blows.
Sunder Objects Deal extra damage to inanimate objects.

Rank 2

Resolute Charge Move swiftly when Charging.
Break Bonds Automatically escape from mundane bonds, and gain bonuses when breaking free from magical imprisonment.
Improved Vigor Gain extra Vigor.
Sunder Armor Especially powerful attacks may reduce armored targets' Defense.

Rank 3

Reactive Charge Interrupt an incoming Charge with a standard attack.
Surge of Strength Gain 9-again on a strength-based skill.
Ward Become surrounded with a protected aura.
Sundering Strike Gain the ability to target certain equipment and attempt to destroy it.

Rank 4

Scattering Charge Pass through hostile terrain, scattering opponents as you charge.
Roaring Strike Swing a weapon with such ferocity that it sends a rippling shockwave through the air to strike one or many targets.
Living Monolith Muscles harden, becoming a wall of ironlike armor and become immune to knockback or knockdown.
Explosive Sundering Sundering attempts send deadly shrapnel at foes.

Rank 5

Thundering Charge Barrel forward in a straight line to a chosen location, attacking multiple targets within Reach while moving.
Barricade Interrupt the movement of a creature passing within Reach, stopping them in their tracks and ending their turn.
Elemental Resistance The adept builds a natural resistance to the elements that can be enhanced for a time.
Sunder Magic The adept's Sundering attempts can break even magical items and enchantments.